Keeping Your Public Funds Safe and Secure with Government Banking

At the heart of every thriving community are strong public services that are facilitated by government organizations designed to serve them. These organizations need a banking partner that not only grasps their specific financial needs as a government entity but also shares their dedication to the community they serve.

From the State of Alabama to city governments, utility authorities, public schools, and universities, Government Banking extends beyond general transactions to create financial environments that help these public services thrive. As a Birmingham native, I’ve spent over eight years in the industry safely and securely managing government portfolios that directly impact the success of their communities.

Finding the right banking partner is essential to how you operate and grow. I’ve put together a short list of what government organizations can look for to ensure they find the best partner.

Go Beyond the Banking Basics Government organizations need more than just deposits and withdrawals. They need a banking partner that can untangle the complexities of public lending. Their banks must offer a suite of services from ACH and wire transfers, payroll management, and low-to-no-fee experiences, ensuring seamless, robust, and economical financial activities.

Provide a Path to Save and Grow Many of our government partners want to make sure their funds don’t just sit idle but are rather actively working for their communities. A banking partner with a diverse range of investment opportunities, such as fixed-rate Certificates of Deposit (CDs), interest-bearing deposit accounts, and government lending opportunities, allows public funds to grow and contribute towards a more prosperous community future. In addition, strategic growth and operational fluidity are key in managing public funds. You need a banking partner with a range of community lending services to support your institution’s growth plans while maintaining financial stability.

Make Banking Easier Convenience should come without compromise. At Valley, we eliminate service fees, offer state-of-the-art digital banking services, and have conveniently located branches across the state. As your Government Banker, I come to you, allowing you to manage your accounts at your business without ever needing to visit a branch. We strive to make banking simple and effective as part of our commitment to the community.

Be a Trustworthy and Reliable Partner Money stays safe. Valley has numerous levels of fraud protection designed to keep your money in your account and out of the hands of fraudsters, in addition to having dedicated teams to monitor and handle fraud. As a mid-size bank with a focus on relationships, we go beyond traditional banking by supporting local development with strategic investment advice and innovative lending. Our goal is to improve community welfare and vibrancy. Valley Bank’s Government Banking embodies our commitment, trust, and vision for prosperity. Join us to transform your financial story with a partner that banks with heart and expertise.

The Expert: Ed Hobbs is the Government Services Officer for Valley Bank in Alabama and has been in banking for over 12 years.

Contact: Ed Hobbs / 205.919.0878 / [email protected]


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