Resources for Women Entrepreneurs to Succeed

Entrepreneurial ventures are at the core of central Alabama’s economy, and many are women-run businesses. 

Finding resources like capital, support networks and educational training is frequently more challenging for women business owners than for their male counterparts. Studies show women are less likely than men to receive a Small Business Administration loan, and 40 percent of women business owners applying for a loan never succeed in getting funding. 

We offer resources and support to women entrepreneurs in a range of industries and sectors, particularly through our Women in Business program and our Community Lending initiatives.

These and other opportunities for women entrepreneurs in our area can help female entrepreneurs grow their business.


At Valley Bank, we saw the need for a women’s resource network and created the Women in Business program, aimed at connecting women with others in or out of their industry through social and educational events. It’s open to all women in business, even if you are not a customer at Valley. Women in the program also get a number of special benefits, like access to free meeting spaces in our branch boardrooms and seminars with local business leaders.


We also recommend looking at other business groups for networking. As just one example, the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce offers events throughout the year to uplift women. Both the Millbrook and Wetumpka Chambers of Commerce host annual women’s conferences that provide participants with business management advice, financial wellness tips and the chance to engage in discussions with successful local businesswomen and entrepreneurs.


Valley’s Community Lending program helps underserved businesses with a focus on development and innovation. The program has special offers tailored for women and minority-owned businesses, lowering their barriers to entry in getting financing.

With Valley’s Community Lending program, women entrepreneurs can apply for business credit, debt consolidation, fixed-rate loans and more. Our team of advisors is specially equipped to bring these offers and services to women and minority-owned businesses in Alabama.

Dana Moore is Vice President, Business Banking Relationship Manager and Women in Business Ambassador at Valley Bank, based in Montgomery. Contact: Dana Moore / 334.270.3006 / [email protected]

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