Women to Watch: Suzanna Wasserman Edwards

For six years, Suzanna Wasserman Edwards led the marketing efforts for The Shoppes at EastChase. Her ideas for events and programming that engaged River Region residents and visitors elevated EastChase from a collection of stores to a retail destination.

In 2018, when Crawford Square Real Estate Advisors took over management of EastChase, they also took Suzanna. Today, she’s the Vice President of Marketing for the company. While it’s based in Birmingham, she’s stayed in the capital city, and while she oversees the marketing efforts for the company’s entire portfolio of shopping centers — 38 properties in six states across the Southeast—she admits that EastChase is still “her baby.” Suzanna also says she’s thrilled to live and work in Montgomery where she can continue to champion local organizations she loves and share her knack for creating connections and enhancing communities with the current marketing team at EastChase.


My dream job has always been marketing, but I never saw myself in the corporate scene. But this position has allowed me to grow into that and grow alongside the company. That’s been incredible and allowed me to mentor young women in this industry I love. That’s rewarding, and I’m excited to continue that.

Helping Hand:

Giving back in my community has always been a priority for me. I believe I have a talent to help nonprofits raise funds and raise awareness with events. I’m on the board of the Cancer Wellness Foundation; my mom is going through ovarian cancer treatments, so that one’s close to my heart. Last fall, I volunteered to help a group of retailers in Cloverdale throw a free family event. I don’t see myself ever stopping this kind of work.

Personal Best:

My career has always been a focus for me, and where I am now is an accomplishment I’m really proud of. It was a big change, moving over to Crawford. I never saw myself heading an entire marketing department and creating a marketing plan for a company from scratch, but I did it.

Forward Progress:

I just got married about a year ago, and we are enjoying our life together, traveling a lot. Both of our families are here, and we’re loving spending time with them.

Top Tip:

I’d tell any young woman or young person starting out to take a chance. Don’t give up. That sounds cliché, but it took me five years and a lot of hard work to get the job that I really wanted. I’d also encourage them to volunteer their talents and time. You can learn so much doing that, including skills that will help you in your career.


When I look at the communities we serve and see families coming together and making memories at one of our events, I love it. I cry every year at All is Bright [holiday event]. The ultimate reward is watching my team grow and thrive under my leadership. That’s unbelievably special.

Firm Foundation:

I’ve had great mentors through the years and have always sought out ways to grow. But my mom has been a huge inspiration. She’s always pushed me to go farther. She’s worked her entire life, and now in her cancer struggle, she still gets up every day and does it all. That’s an inspiration. And my husband Bryan keeps me grounded, calming me and reminding me to take things day by day.

Love List:

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