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Women to Watch: Ebony Horton Bradley

As the Director of Communication and Marketing for the Alabama Community College System, Ebony Horton Bradley leads the charge in showcasing the powerful impact of Alabama’s two-year colleges and services. She oversees a creative team working statewide to craft and deliver the ACCS story across diverse media platforms.

With nearly two decades of experience in marketing and communications, Bradley’s journey, rooted in print journalism, reflects a passion for telling stories that resonate and leave a lasting legacy. “The ability to tell someone’s story in a way that makes them smile and marks their legacy is what first drew me to journalism,” she said.

Helping Hand

My grandmother and mom were such givers, so it is an innate desire to “serve forward” in as many ways as I can do so excellently. I currently serve as a social media manager and kids’ teacher at our church, The Gathering Place in Millbrook. I served as the Vice President for Students with the Montgomery Chapter of the Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA). I am particularly drawn to helping residents understand the need for excellent communications, so I occasionally host virtual sessions for nonprofits and small business owners on media best practices. 

Point of Pride

A few years ago, I was blessed to assist a nonprofit organization called Single Parents in Need Nationally with a multi-state campaign led by Attorney Ben Crump to help provide groceries for families through the pandemic. It was such an honor to connect with Mr. Crump, but it was most exciting for my son to hear directly from Mr. Crump how important it is for today’s generations to serve their communities. I was also especially proud of the fact that my hometown, the Wiregrass area, was connected to the initiative and honored me enough to be a part of the media team.

Firm Foundation

My faith in Jesus Christ. Over the last year I’ve dug into who Jesus really is versus who I was raised to believe He is. It has been a life-changing process that helps me detach from many of the things I used to worry about, and in place of worry, submit my trust in Him that all things will work together for me if I just love Him and walk in His calling for me (Romans 8:28). 


To know that residents’ lives are truly changing for the better because of their decision to choose training at Alabama’s community and technical colleges is by far one of the most rewarding honors of my life. I get to wake up every day with a built-in purpose and responsibility to make sure that those who need to hear the message of the ACCS can do so within ear and eye reach.

Influential Figures

My late grandmother, Josephine Floyd Horton, and my mom Alicia and aunt Deborah have been some of the most powerful influences of my life because they taught me how to be a decent human being who puts God first. In addition, I thank God for Helen Nichols, a dear Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., who saw promise in me even as a young high school student from public housing. She selected me to participate in Upward Bound, a federal TRIO program, and has been there for so many others and me through our adulthood to cheer on our success.


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  • CAFFEINE KICK: Hilltop Public House and Prevail both have great environments and the kindest staff.
  • QUOTEABLE: “Move with Purpose.” My mom is an Army veteran who made sure that we were intentional with our actions. That quote still sticks with me.