Women to Watch: Kristin Byrd

Kristin Byrd recently hit her one-year work anniversary. She’s been with Child Protect for 10 years but in her current position as Executive Director since March 2022.

She’s responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Montgomery nonprofit that supports children who are victims of abuse. The kids served through Child Protect’s Children’s Advocacy Center are in dire need of its nonthreatening environment and its multidisciplinary team that combine to minimize trauma during the justice and restoration process.

Leading these efforts can be rewarding but also emotionally exhausting. It’s why Kristin Byrd leans on her personal support system time and time again and why she advises others to find their own tribe. “I hate to sound cliché, but my faith, family and friends keep me grounded,” she said. “I cannot do life alone. No one can. We need each other.\”

Top Tip

Do what you know in your heart to do. Trust your intuition, but also trust proven confidants in your life. Always seek out wise counsel. Pray and ask for discernment in everything you do… Don\’t cast your pearls before swine. Unfortunately, not everyone is for you.

Personal Best

I’m proud of getting my counseling license. It was a long process for me, and I was SO glad when I finished my hours and received approval from the licensure board.


This job can be incredibly draining at times for various reasons. What keeps me going is when a child completes counseling and has healed, and their trauma symptoms have improved because they have had the courage to participate in this process. When I think I am not making an impact, I’ll get a note or speak to a former client who will encourage me to keep going because I made some small impact on their life. 

Helping Hand

I volunteer with Girl Scouts by serving on a committee that helps them pursue their Gold Awards.

Firm Foundation

My parents and family have always been supportive in my endeavors. I know at one time they probably thought I would be a professional student for the rest of my life, but at least I have two master’s degrees to show for it. I have a strong circle of friends that support me. Professionally and most recently, My predecessor, Jannah Bailey, was instrumental in helping me with my accomplishments while at Child Protect. She has given me continuous support and mentorship during my time here.

Future Focused

This job has been overwhelming in a way I did not expect. I\’m looking forward to taking Child Protect to new heights in the next three to five years. I’ll plan for the next five years when I get a moment to come up for air. Personally, I see myself enjoying travel and spending more time with my fiancé turned husband.

Love List

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